Gates Rush

Required missions:

- Agardia Access
- Agardia Gates


- Slippers (speed +25). 3hp/2s and 8mp/1s
- Ectoplasmic Shield (Def:37, club fighting +3, sword fighting +3, axe fighting +3, protection fire -3%).
- Remover Doll
- Experience Scroll

On your road you may meet some of these monsters:

In this quest you will have to activate 5 levers to delete gates and 1 stone.
When you activate a lever, the object dissapear for 15 minutes. You have to hurry!

Start from Agardia boat and follow the map:

Go down to the Traperius Cave and go to the South till you find the portal:

Then follow the minimap:

When you reach this place, you have to activate levers now:

Now you can go finally to the Reward Chamber: