Svargrond Arena Quest


Greenhorn: Choose between

Scrapper: Choose between

Warlord: Choose between

Arena Monsters:
(Frostfur) (Bloodpaw) (Bovinus) (Achad) (Colerian The Barbian) (The Hairy One) (Axeitus Headbanger) (Rocky) (Cursed Gladiator) (Orcus the Cruel) (Avalanche) (Kreebosh the Exile) (The Dark Dancer) (The Hag) (Slim) (Grimgor Guteater) (Drasilla) (Spirit of Earth) (Spirit of Water) (Spirit of Fire) (Webster) (Darakan the Executioner) (Norgle Glacierbeard) (The Pit Lord) (Svoren the Mad) (The Masked Marauder) (Gnorre Chyllson) (Fallen Mooh'Tah Master Ghar) (Deathbringer) (The Obliverator)

Start from Folda Ship and follow the map below:

Then speak to : hi > fight > yes. After that enter to the doors and teleport to start fighting.