Quests List

Trapera contains custom and real tibia quests. You will find there all informations about path, rewards, etc..

Two Handed Sword - South East of Karmia, POH Two Handed Sword, 5 Power bolts, 12 Burst Arrows, a Book
Agardia - Access - North of Dragemia 200k exp & Access to Agardia
Agardia - Gates - South west in Agardia 50k exp & Get outside of Agardia
Agardia - Better food & Magic shop - South west in Agardia 100k exp, better food & access to magic shop
(possibility to buy Strong Mana Potions)
Agardia - Feroxa's Army - South west in Agardia 50k exp & access to Feroxa's place
Agardia - Three brothers and the father - Around Agardia Boots of Haste / Dragon Scale Mail / Demon Legs / Dragon Scale Helmet
Rashid - Access - Karmia +1 Possibility to sell items to Rashid.

Not needed on Trapera.

Djinns - The war on Idya - Dragemia & Idya Possibility to sell items to Djinn.

Not needed on Trapera.

Brass Legs - North West of Karmia, goblins cave Brass Legs and Garlic Necklace
Orcanic - North East of Venore, orc fortress Morning Star, Dwarven Shield, Spellbook, Empty Vial, 2 Small Diamonds and Blank Rune
Dragon Necklace - East of Dragemia, hero cave Dragon Necklace and Wedding Ring
Staff - East of Dragemia, hero cave Staff
Platinum Coins - West of Jungle, dworc cave 10 Platinum Coins
The Holy Tible - South East of Karmia, South of POH The Holy Tible
Scale Armor - South in Karmia, Rotworms cave Scale Armor
Rings - East of Dragemia, hero cave Time Ring and Sword Ring
Ring Of Healing - East of Dragemia, hero cave Ring Of Healing, Red Gem
Svargrond Arena - West of Folda Greenhorn rank choose between: Orcish Maul, Headchopper or Blacksteel Sword
Scrapper rank choose between: Cranial Basher, Heroic Axe or Mystic Blade
Warlord rank choose between: Blessed Sceptre, Royal Axe or The Justice Seeker
Amazon Quest - East of Karmia Dwarven Ring, 3 Black Pearls and 3 White Pearls
Dark Helmet - North of Folda, frost trolls mountain Dark Helmet
Dragon Hammer - Laguna Island, tortoises cave Dragon Hammer
Halberd - South of Karmia, cyclops mountain Halberd
Devil Helmet 10 North East of Venore, entrance in orc fortress Devil Helmet, Halberd, 4 Small Saphire
Desert Quest 20 South of Desert 100 Platinum Coins, Ring Of Healing, Blessed Ankh and Protection Amulet
Time Ring 20 North of Venore, elves tower Time Ring
Dragon Shield 20 East of Liberty, dragons mountain Dragon Shield
Stealth Ring 25 South of Desert, minotaurs tower Stealth Ring
Wand Of Cosmic Energy 26 South West in Karmia, ghouls cave Wand Of Cosmic Energy
Crown Stuff 30 Kleria, south of carpet, hero cave Crown Helmet and Crown Armor
Castle Shield 30 South of Jungle, lizards cave Castle Shield
Dwarven Axe 32 East of Karmia, dwarfs cave Dwarven axe and War Hammer
Royal Helmet 35 South East of Karmia, POH, dragons cave Royal Helmet
Platinum Coins 40 Kleria, south from carpet 50 Platinum Coins
Warrior 40 Inferno, ghouls and skeletons cave Warrior Helmet and Knight Legs
Dragon Scale Mail 50 South of Desert, dragons cave Dragon Scale Mail and 10 Small Sapphires
Dragon Slayer 50 South West of Desert, dragons mountain Choose between: War Hammer, Dragon Slayer and Guardian Halberd
Mercenary Sword 50 North East of Liberty, quaras cave Mercenary Sword
Crown Set 50 North East of Venore, slimes cave Crown Armor and Crown Shield
Knight Set 50 West of Jungle, hydras mountain Knight Armor, Knight Legs and Ring of Healing
Elane's Crossbow 52 South East of Dragemia, cults cave Elane's Crossbow
Necromancers Quest 59 South of Desert, minotaurs tower Medusa Shield, Skull Staff and Blue Robe
Mystic Turban 60 North West of Desert, vampire cave Mystic Turban and Skull Staff
Dragon Lance 60 North West of Venore, mage tower Might Ring, Dragon Lance and 30 Platinum Coins
Crystal Wand 60 South West of Kleria, warlocks cave Crystal Wand and Ancient Rune
Giants Quest 60 North East of Inferno, Cyclopolis Demon Shield, Golden Armor, Guardian Halberd, Life Ring, Crystal Ring, 3 Small Diamonds and 3 Small Sapphires
Knight Armor 70 West of Jungle, hydras cave Knight Armor, Medusa Shield, Stone Skin Amulet and Ring of Healing
Vampire Shield 70 East of Dragemia, hero cave Vampire Shield, Dragon Lance, Strange Symbol, Black Pearl, Mysterious Fetish
Blue Robe 70 Inferno, ghouls and skeletons cave Ring Of The Sky and Blue Robe
The Pits Of Inferno 80 South of Karmia, under POH 100 Platinum Coins, Soft Boots, Backpack Of Holding, Stuffed Dragon, Frozen Starlight, Ceremonial Ankh and choose between: Arcane Staff, Avenger or Arbalest.
The Inquisition 100 East of Dragemia, hero cave, teleport at the end of Vampire Quest Demon Hunter outfit and choose between: Emerald Sword, Hellforged Axe, Obidian Truncheon, Warsinger Bow, Royal Crossbow, Spellbook of Dark Mysteries, Master Archer's Armor, Fireborn Giant Armor or Robe Of The Underworld
The Annihilator 100 East of Dragemia, hero cave Choose between: Magic Sword, Demon Armor, Stonecutter Axe or Annihilation Bear (present)
Demon Helmet 100 East of Dragemia, hero cave Demon Helmet, Demon Shield and Steel Boots
Gates Rush recomended 150+ (hardcore) South East of Agardia Slippers, Ectoplasmic Shield, Remover Doll and Experience Scroll
Secret Quest 199 Banuta Secret Reward
Hard Annihilator 200 West of Agardia Champion outfit and choose between: Firewalker Boots, Golden Magic Longsword, Golden Axe and Golden Mace
Ultimate Path recomended 150+ (hardcore) East of Agardia Ring of Ending, Power Crystal, Access to Lokio raid spawn place