Upgrading System


You can obtain Upgrading Crystals from our Items Shop or from Daily Tasks, Daily Bosses, Solo Daily Bosses or quests.
You can also buy Upgrading Crystals for 200cc from NPC Frello on Agardia here.

The maximum upgrade level of item is +6.
The upgrade can fail and it can remove 1 level of your item.
If your item is already +4 or +5, if upgrade fails it will reset your item level to 0.
For the moment, it works only on these attributes: attack / defense / armor / hit chance

Exemple: If you upgrade a mace, basical attributes are: (Atk:16, Def:11) so if your mace become +1 it will be (Atk:17, Def:12).

Working on all Wands and Rods (adding min and max damage on each upgrade)
/!\ For Paladins it works only for these weapons: Royal Crossbow, Arbalest, Elvish Bow and Warsinger Bow


Upgrade Level Success Percent Downgrade to
1 80 0
2 75 1
3 70 2
4 60 0
5 55 0
6 40 0