Upgrading System


You can obtain Upgrading Crystals from our Items Shop or from Daily Tasks, Daily Bosses, Solo Daily Bosses or quests.
The maximum upgrade level of item is +6.
The upgrade can fail and it can remove 1 level of your item.
If your item is already +4 or +5, if upgrade fails it will reset your item level to 0.
For the moment, it works only on these attributes: attack / defense / armor / hit chance

Exemple: If you upgrade a mace, basical attributes are: (Atk:16, Def:11) so if your mace become +1 it will be (Atk:17, Def:12).

Working on all Wands and Rods (adding min and max damage on each upgrade)
/!\ For Paladins it works only for these weapons: Royal Crossbow, Arbalest, Elvish Bow and Warsinger Bow


Upgrade Level Success Percent Downgrade to
1 80 0
2 75 1
3 70 2
4 60 0
5 55 0
6 40 0